The foodie and the gourmet meet Holly.

I don’t like word foodie and I don’t like the word gourmet – when applied to a human. A foodie to me implies someone who is picky and discerning not because they have any idea what they are talking about, but because it’s the trendy thing to do. A gourmet implies someone who knows what they are talking about but is picky because they have the money/status/know-it-all syndrome and like to make the “foodies” feel inferior.

So. I am not a foodie and I am not a gourmet. I’m simply an American living in Provence (that would be Southeastern France) who LOVES food and wine. Let me restate that in case you missed it: I LOVE food and wine. Picture a thinner, feminine, less yellow version of Homer Simpson – with hair. That’s me. We even have the same initials.

Seemingly unlike most people, I do not have discriminating tastes. Not really. I’m just as liable to love the Irish Pub on my street corner as I am the organic, gastronomic restaurant two blocks away. I’m discerning, but I’m not a snob.

However, there are three items that will never be mentioned in this blog:

  1. Fast food: specifically McDonalds – or as the French call it “MacDo.” It’s gross, it’s over-processed, it’s unhealthy and cheap =/= better.
  2. Shellfish: Due to allergies, I cannot eat shellfish. It’s a shame as I live on the coast of the Mediterranean and cannot partake of the wide variety of shellfish-dishes that are local to the Côte d’Azur.
  3. Beef: I just don’t like it. I have a few French acquaintances who claim that this is simply because I’ve never had GOOD beef. But I have. And it’s just not my thing.

The last to are subject to exception when and where my husband orders them and demands I write about them.

And therefore without further ado: I give you “Je Mange Toute La France.”