On Saturday, I had a “I’m sick of making salad, but I want to eat vegetables” day. That usually ends up meaning hours on allrecipes.com scouring the website looking for something interesting to make. Don’t get me wrong – if you know what you want to make or want to clean out the pantry – allrecipes.com is a great resource. Ok, there are 10 different chocolate chip cookie recipes using the same exact ingredients and the same exact quantities and baking methods but there are some good base recipes on there that can give you plenty of ideas when you have a butternut squash sitting on your counter and have no idea what to do with it.

But. If you have no idea whatsoever what you want to make for dinner, allrecipes isn’t much of a help unless you want to spend hours flipping through recipes. I don’t. I’d rather be out shopping for foods and then cooking. And then choosing a wine to go with it, but that’s another story…

Enter The Purple Foodie. Honestly, I don’t quite remember how I found her. I think I typed in “stuffed vegetable recipes” or some such nonsense and up came this little gem of a blog from a woman who likes food and has a pretty creative gene in her. I decided on her very excellent Stuffed Eggplant replacing the sausage with chicken, because I had chicken but didn’t have sausage – and chicken sausage is hard to find in a country that loves it’s pork (a little too much). I also use emmental which is a Gruyeres like cheese used as a pasta topper here because the place where I buy my fresh parmesaen was a far walk and I was feeling lazy.

They were a little long to make, but The Purple Foodie was right – they were excellent. I love veggies and chicken and cheese so I knew they’d be a success for me, but the husband bit into his and after getting over the initial mouth burning “hot shock” he said “mmmmmmmm.”

Along with them I made her Hassleback Potatoes. I didn’t have the type of potatoes required for the recipe and had to use red salad potatoes instead. Nonetheless after a good 50 minutes of cooking the tops of the potatoes were crispy while the inside was tender and moist – creating an excellent and pleasing texture. The pesto sauce on top was something I would have never thought of, but it totally worked.

If you’re looking for something a little different The Purple Foodie is a great resource. The recipes might be a little long and a few are a little strange, but they are as tasty as she promises and definitely worth the time and effort in the end.

She’s also a pastry chef in Bombay, India – so if you’re in the area – look her up! I bet her stuff is as tasty as anything I could find here in France.