Trigance and its chateau are in the middle of nowhere in the haut-Var of Provence. I mean it when I say it’s in the middle of nowhere: local inhabitants at last count, numbers 152. It has a medieval chateau  that dates back to around the tenth century. It’s been renovated and turned into a small, three star hotel of ten rooms designed in medieval fashion, complete with restaurant.

I’ve been to two, three, four star hotels here in France, and Chateau de Trigance is easily on the top, if not at the top, of my list. We made the arrangements at the last minute, which gave us the smallest room, but it was big enough for the two of us and the only thing it lacked was a view over the valley.

Instead we had to go outside to the terrace to sit in the sun and experiences the view with a glass of Marc de Provence in hand. Oh, quel horror! This is not the best photograph of the view, but I wanted to show the parapets and a bit of the terrace which was lovely.

Besides the view and the overall coolness of sleeping in a eleventh century castle, the great thing about this hotel was the ambiance and the service.

The chateau was closed off to the public, meaning that it was very private, with only about 25 people staying in the 10 rooms. This also meant that the staff had more time to take care of their clientèle. Anything we wanted, all we had to do was ask. They were pleasant, friendly and cheerful, something you don’t often get with the four star hotels where the staff might speak 7 different languages but are overworked, stressed and dealing with lots of unhappy customers.

Breakfast was served on the terrace as soon as we called down to tell them we were ready. It included fresh fruit, natural yogurt, plenty of bread with jams, a HUGE pot of coffee and freshly pressed orange juice. The highlight however was a pot of thick, fresh honey made in the surrounding region. It was fabulous and I spread it over my baguette, completely ignoring the jams.

While the village itself is small and there isn’t much to see, there are plenty of places to hike and bike around the area. It’s also so calm and peaceful there, that it’s the type of place where you just want to sit in a lounge chair and relax with a good book and a glass of wine.

The husband and I plan to go back next summer for a longer stay, planning nice long hikes in the mountains and great dinners in the evening. It was a quiet escape from the city, which I desperately needed.

Next up: The Dinner