Welcome me back to the world of technology.

This weekend was the Fete de Bacchus – the annual wine festival in Toulon. If you’ve ever wanted to see two people spend 150 Euros on wine in under 60 minutes, you should have joined the husband and me. We went just a little crazy, but this year they had some good domains that had good prices. Even a good Bordeaux for under 10 Euros. Our expensive purchases extended to 2 Chateauneuf du Pape from the Domaine du Rempart – one 2005 and one 2000 and a white Bourgogne from 2007.

We tasted everything the Domaine du Rempart had at the fete. We bought a bottle from them last year and loved it and were excited to see them back. This year, even the owner was there and spent time explaining each of the wines to us. It amazed me – each year had a different color, different smell, different taste. It’s all the same wine with the same grape but each year was completely unique. 2005 was a good year for all French wines and theirs is a classic Chateauneuf. The 2000 was darker, heavier with a more foresty taste. I can’t describe it beyond that because I only had a quick taste – I’ll let you know when I actually open the bottle.

We were torn between the 2007 and the 2005 as both were great years, but the husband and I have too many wines in our “cave” that need to be kept and we were looking for stuff to drink now. The 2007 has another 3-4 years to grow and while it’s ready to drink, it would be a crime to not let is rest. So 2005 it was.

Overall we bought 6 bottles: the 2 Chateauneuf, Bourgogne, Bordeaux, Gigondas (a typical cotes du rhone with an insane 15% content) and a Riesling. The last was an impulse purchase of mine because I’ve been dying for good whites and I knew the husband would like the citrus-y flavor of this come a nice piece of chicken and warmer weather.

So we won’t go thirsty. There’s also a 1999 Terrabrune that we’re opening for our collective 30th birthdays in the summer and we finally opened our white Chateauneuf this weekend to celebrate finally being completely set in our apartment. White Chateauneuf – totally unlike anything else out there – it tasted like a red and went great with the duck confit and garlic-potatoes the hubby made for Sunday lunch.

And that’s the way to celebrate the return of internet.