A few days ago, I woke up dreaming about bread. Making bread, eating bread, the smell of bread. I’m not sure if that’s considered exciting, or if it just shows off my obsession with food, I’ll let someone else decide. Usually I dream about sex, I mean work. I mean sex at work.

While enacting on that dream would get me fired, I decided to enact on this one. My hands just itched to get into some flour and oil and yeast and knead the dough away like a cat.

 So today on my day off, I made TWO types of bread.


The first was taken from Joy the Baker, her Whole Wheat Garlic Knots. These are for a get-together with my friend M and her boyfriend tonight.

 I didn’t have whole-wheat flour but I did have cereal flour, which is my favorite type of bread.


They look scrumptous don’t they? I haven’t tried them yet, because I want to wait for tonight, but I did have to swat the husband’s hands away a few times when I was done rolling them in olive oil-garlic mixture.


Then I made basil garlic bread.


I have always had problems getting my bread to bake up like bread and not a crumbly mess. This time I kneaded the bread in my food processor. And really let it rise. Then when I put it in the pan, I beat it down and let it rise again.


The result was absolutely perfect bread. What the exact reason for this is, I’m not sure, but I guessing it’s letting it rise. This time I did not swat away the husband’s hands and we both indulged.

 Soft, warm, moist, herbal, garlicky, tasty, fresh bread.

 And that is my dream fulfilled.