Today was a a cat-day. If you own a cat, you know what I mean. A day when you sit around feeling pleased with yourself sitting around accomplishing nothing in particular. I ran, I shopped at the market, I watched this documentary on Mesopotamia  (warning, not worth it if you don’t speak French!)

Started a new book. Painted my nails. Had a glass of wine. Worked on a new story. I need to get the novel out of my head for a moment and come back to it fresh when I feel better about my writing skills. I listened to some of Chopin’s Nocturnes.

Pistou, our cat, spent his day on the balcony and in our jardiniere, where he shouldn’t be, but he too looked so content sitting there amongst the flowers that I let him be.


Yesterday a friend from work asked me, “Are you cooking anything good this weekend?” He likes to hear about my obsession. I said “No. I made so much bread yesterday and Sunday the husband and I are going to a really nice restaurant.” (Review to follow)

But I really shouldn’t lie. OF COURSE I cooked. Because I can’t help myself.

I made quiche.

Not just one quiche but three. Which worked out to six individual quiche in the end.

How does one make a quiche? It’s easy. Crust, eggs, cream, and whatever you feel like putting inside. Bake at 180°C until cooked through. And don’t really worry about timing it right. Quiche really can’t burn. It’ll brown, but if it does, then you know it’s done and you have a browned crispy top.

But if you REALLY need a cooking time, the husband recommends 10-15 minutes.

So my quiche(s?) were:

Roasted potato with herbs

Zucchini and leek

Roasted red pepper, garlic and tomato


So Z- even though I said I wouldn’t cook anything, because I was tired – these quiche are for you.

 Though not literally because the husband ate them all. 😉