It’s been one of those weeks. You know the type where you don’t have much to do in reality, but the next week, which has a full calendar is looming up before you causing you to have a seizure. I worked this morning and rushed home to make taco salad. I rushed because I was impatient for the salad and STARVING. After eating I put the dishes in the sink and looked around the apartment and thought “My god what a mess.”

I started to clean. I tried to clean. But it was one of those days where I looked at the huge task and long list of things to do in front of me and couldn’t handle it. So I grabbed my paper journal, a book and some Euros and headed down to the port for a glass of wine.

I was walking to the park when I saw this:

 And said to myself “Where am I? Venice?”


Well, apparently I was.


The Carnival of Venice has come to La Seyne for the Pentecost weekend. (Pentecost is Monday) Complete with parade of whimsical masked figures straight out of some other century.


I followed the parade down to the Marie (town hall), the back up the street that lines the port, and then back up to the center of the town where everyone lingered around.


The costumes were spectacular.


And every so often one of the people would fall into a great pose.


Below was by far my favorite costume. Not only was it beautiful, but I have no idea how this woman was walking.


Unfortunately it was windy. Some of the people were having trouble keeping their headdresses straight.


Sometimes it pays to throw the housework out the window and go out for a glass of wine – that I never had by the way. After following the procession around, my feet were hurting and with the wind picking up, I knew that if I didn’t go home now, I’d never make it and probably get blown into the sea.