It’s been seven days since my last post and we’re now twelve days into the novel. I reached 40,000 words last Thursday night, officially Friday morning. 7 days, 25,000 words. Today I hit 46K. Am I tired? Yes. For NaNoWriMo only 50,000 words are required to win. As I’m at 46K and not even one third into the story, I’m aiming for about 120k. By the end of November? Can I do it? I have no idea.

For those of you wondering what you get if you win, the answer is nothing but the satisfaction that you wrote a novel. And a certificate you can print from the website. I still have mine from 2009. It was on the fridge for a year.

For ten days the weather was rainy. Wait. Did I say rainy? I mean POURING. And WINDY. This wasn’t your typical run of the mill wind. This was wind with an attitude. This was wind that broke my super strong titanium umbrella. This was wind that blew off the roof of a building on my running route – that was a surprise one morning. This was wind that picked up fish from the sea and tossed them on the sidewalk. It was kind of gross. It’s called the Mistral. It came early this year. Had it lasted one more day I would have called in to work. I couldn’t handle it anymore.

By Wednesday, flood trucks were by the shore in case they had to suddenly evacuate. A friend told me the roads into and out of St. Tropez were closed off, the city completely shut down. I was lucky. Parts of the Var are under water. This is only disturbing when you realize that those parts are on the side of a mountain.

And yes, I ran everyday, through the wind and rain. 10K. I’m masochistic.

But it’s gone – for now – and there are sunny skies. I never realized how much noise the wind made. The silence outside when hanging laundry on my balcony is golden.

Let me update you on food. Because that’s what you’re hear for. With laying down this many words per day and trying to keep some semblance of a figure, I haven’t been cooking much. There’s a party tomorrow and Thanksgiving for the in-laws in two weeks and I will make SOMETHING when I hit 50K tomorrow, a trip to Table du Vigneron if I finish… well, I have to lay off the food. But I’m still cooking.

There was butternut squash soup at 25K.

Soup has always intimidated me, but it was super easy and so yummy, even cold. I’ve conquered my fear of homemade soups, much to my husbands dismay.

There were banana cream desserts. Creme fraiche, a teaspoon and a half of sugar, softened banana cooked over a low flame for 10 minutes and then cooled in the refrigerator for a few hours. I should have put them in the blender for a smoother finish, but can you get any easier than that? Not really.

And there were buttery, garlic wheat knots for yesterday at my 40K milestone. The husband and I going through them like they’re going out of style. I might have to make more.

The best part of each one of these delights is that they were not only easy to make, but they allowed time for me to step away from both the computer and the stove. I got to go back and forth, I got to take breaks and relax my mind, which for all intents and purposes is a little fried.

But I’m only 12 days in and there’s a whole two-thirds of a novel to finish. It’s time to go pick up the pace…