There has been a new addition to my household. No, I’m not pregnant and I didn’t get another cat.

After three pasta fails, I broke down or rather the husband and I broke down and bought a pasta roller.

Sure there are fancier ones out there where you can adjust thickness and can do all sorts of fancy things that mine can’t but I still welcomed my new addition with open and excited arms. This roller is simple stainless steel, held to the counter by a C clamp and makes spaghetti, tagliatelle, and lasagna sheets – perfect for ravioli. Tonight, I made tagliatelle.

While I’ve mastered the cookie, the biscotti, almost mastered the bread dough, I have yet to master the pasta dough. No butter or sugar? No yeast? No water? Just egg and a tiny bit of olive oil? WHAT?

Je ne comprends rien.

But I had 2 eggs and flour and olive oil, so there you go.

I used 1 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour. It’s not particularly how I like my pasta, but this flour had a fine grind to it that I’ve read can be important for pasta dough.

All rolled into a little ball.

And now all rolled out.

And the roller is christened by rolling out it’s first dough into nice strips of tagliatelle.

Lots of tagliatelle.

So, what does one make with all this pasta?

Veggies! Spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, red onion.

Blue cheese of course.

In the pan and looking like once again, I’ve made WAY too much.

I like to put in the spinach last and let it wilt only slightly. This way the leafy greens retain some of their crunch but are still warmed by the pasta and the sautéed vegetables.

But it was fabulous. I guess there are worse things to gorge yourself on than fresh whole wheat pasta.

Next up: Ravioli. Lots and lots of ravioli. With squash and sausage. But not at the same time.

And now let’s all give my pasta roller a hearty welcome on the step to making me have to add another 5 kilometers to my morning run.