My fruit bowl is over flowing.

I love fruit, but I don’t eat enough of it. Don’t we all have this problem? We buy fruit that looks so luscious with the best of intentions but it ends up sitting in the fruit bowl until it’s soggy and sad.

Pears, lemons, oranges, apples, bananas, half a mango in the fridge. There’s only one thing to do with all of this stuff.


They have lots of fruit, flavor, sweetness and for someone like me who is ALWAYS hungry, they fill you up.

One excellent thing about smoothies is the endless variety. Throw in a few spices, change your regular milk for rice or almond milk, use orange juice, and you have a whole new drink.

This one is orange, banana, and mango. It was dessert after lunch.

Lunch was garlic, buckwheat and multi-grain flat bread.

Fresh flat bread is fabulous.

Top it with goat cheese, butternut squash, roasted potato (or tomato) and peas.

Throw on some sage. Warm, healthy, filling, so sweet and savory – squash is so wonderful – and goes well with so many things. With the potato and creamy, mild goat cheese is was hearty and savory. With the tomato and sharp goat cheese it’s fresh and sweet. Delightful

Though this is a food blog – I’d like to change the topic a moment – to discuss the title of this lovely entry.

Say hello to Dumpling. She’s kind of a fan of fruit too, and she’s being fostered by the husband and me until she gains 5lbs and feels more secure about herself. If all goes well, and she’s not sick (and sadly there’s the possibility that something is very wrong) we might adopt her.

The husband and I went to the Refuge aux Chats et Chiens in Toulon yesterday to inquire – just inquire about fostering a cat in the hopes of adopting some day. The next thing we knew, they were paying us to take her home, because she was so depressed and stressed that she wasn’t eating – and as you can see – she needs food.

I’m not going to lie. It’s a little alarming to have a cat, so painfully thin, and now we’re starting to realize – probably sick – shoved on you like this – even if it is temporary, but we’re hoping her problems are not serious and that we can help her to feel better soon.

She’s already taken over the husband’s underwear drawer.

Here was Pistou’s shocked expression when he realized what we’d brought home:

As of now, about 30 hours after Dumpling’s arrival, we’ve had no fights. A little minor hissing, a mixing of the food bowls, some tail and nose sniffing, and a whole lot of staring competitions. So everyone welcome and hope for the best for little Dumpling – who was named after the Chinese delicacy, courtesy of the husband.