I used to love the color blue. Now I’m partial to green.

I’m Holly, an American – from New England – who lives in Provence, or more specifically the Var which is the very southeast corner of France. I moved here because I’d always wanted to live in Europe and because the husband is French. We were married in 2009 at a very random wedding at the town hall and now we live in a small apartment in a large town outside of Toulon, about 1 kilometer from the Mediterranean. We have a cat  two cats named Pistou and Dumpling. Cats are great.

Before moving to France, I was a classical musician and a full time student. I played the oboe and studied creative writing, musicology and medieval history and theology. I love to learn and my favorite evening is curling up with a glass of wine and a book about history or religion. If it’s about the history of religion, even better!

I still play oboe occasionally, but reed making takes too much time.

I write – see writing page – and I’m currently working on my second novel. The first is unpublished and will stay that way.

When I graduated with my music performance degree, I weighed 170lbs (77kg). After four years I finally dropped that weight and have kept it off for three years, losing a total of 60lbs (27kg).

I run six days a week. There’s no goal at this time, but I am trying to build my endurance. 14.5K is my longest run yet but I’m hoping to get to 20K one day. Most days I run between 10 and 12 kilometers.

I teach English to adults, I’ve met some interesting people and some more not-so-interesting. I’m learning French. If writing doesn’t play out, I plan on entering school again to become a viticulture and then eventually an oenologue.

I don’t often talk about how difficult it is to live in France, but trust me – it’s no picnic. Once, on my way home from work, I got caught in the national sport of protest. It was not a good time. Especially with someone as cynical and naturally misanthropic as I am.  Nevertheless, I embrace these qualities about myself and do enjoy living here.

I have a tendency to ramble and share random facts about myself.