It all started just before my 7th birthday. My mom and I were shopping in a Hallmark store, looking for a birthday card for a friend of mine, when she saw a pink diary covered in iridescent purple, blue, and green hearts. She picked it up and said something along the lines of “Oh a diary. I had a diary when I was little.”

Diary was a new word in my vocabulary and I looked at the pink book with it’s brass lock with vague and mild interest. I may have said something like “What’s a diary?” because she explained to me that a diary was a book where you wrote down your thoughts every day.

I must have said something about the book being pretty, and my mom, feeling generous – as it was near my birthday said (and this I remember with shocking clarity) “If you promise to write in it everyday, I’ll buy it for you.”

And I did. Somewhere, I still have that diary. The entries are absolute hilarity.

So I owe my love with the written word to my mom. She is also a talented writer, and  my sister is a closet poet (she won’t let anyone read her poetry). I guess it runs in the family.

I write exclusively in my journal du jour with a pretty pen or on my netbook (not my home laptop). Like many writers I carry my journal with me at all times, most of the time, I’m carrying both journal and netbook.

My medium is most often the short story and prose, but I enjoy writing haiku as well. The occasional poem comes along once in a while. Currently, I’m finishing a novel that I started for National Novel Writing Month.

I studied creative fiction at Arizona State University with the fabulous and eccentric Ron Carlson and wonderful Barbara Newman. Carlson, though we often had differing views, was an incredible professor who taught me amazing things about writing that I’ll never forget. I’ll also never forget the time I was on all fours on the table with him in front of the entire class while he pretended to whisper sweet nothings into my ear…

Sometimes I’m published, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I get fed up and swear off submitting anything for months at a time. Publishing, like music -my former career and medium – requires persistence, patience and thick skin with a sensitive soul underneath. A list of works published can be found below.

(Eventually I’ll have a sample short story up here once I figure out how to link the page.)

Thanks for reading!

Current Publications

If Duncan Had Daughters
Published by With Painted Word December 2009 Issue

Lesson of the Scribe
Published by The First Line Vol 12 Issue 1 Spring 2010
Hard copies are $3.50, Pdf downloads are $2

Friends Are Better Than Gold
Published by The Battered Suitcase in June 2010

The Sparrow’s Groom
Published by Foundling Review in June 2010: Issue 1

Les Anges de ma Mère
Published by Troubadour 21 July 4, 2010

Requiem for an Orchard
Published by Caper Literary Journal Issue 9, December 2010

Published by With Painted Word Sept 2011 Issue

Upcoming Publications
None Right Now  😦